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Well hi there! My name is Stella and I am CDO, Chief Doggo Officer, at CrossFit Appleton. I pretty much run the show around here. I mean, I do take a lot of naps throughout the day, but my job is hard work! A couple of things you need to know about me: don’t waste my time with a tiny little tennis ball; if you want to play, grab a med ball, and I will show you my sick ball-handling skills. If you need to stretch, I will always be there to help you out. Mainly, I will just sit in your lap so you can pet me; you gotta get those hands warmed up for the workout! I’ve also got a couple of people trained to fill my water bowl about every 30 seconds, but if you are looking for a job, I am always hiring. The pay isn’t that great, but I will sit in your lap afterward for some good pets. And, saving the best for last, I love to play with little kiddos, so if you bring them along while you work out, I will do my best at babysitting them for you!<br /> The best part of my job is helping people relieve stress. Did you know that spending just a couple of minutes petting me will help reduce your overall stress levels? Also, I am here for you if you are a little scared or nervous about trying CrossFit for the first time. I don’t care what your fitness level is, how fast you can run a mile, how much weight you can lift; I just want you to be happy and feel at home. I know some people are not fans of dogs and I am ok with that, all you need to do is tell my Dad, Coach Sam, and he will put me in my room. I have a super comfy bed in there, so it really doesn’t bother me at all! If you are interested in trying out CrossFit but feel scared or intimidated, just stop in to see me instead! I will show you the ropes and how awesome the Full Send Fitness community is!

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