Kelly Bruehl

Kelly Bruehl


Snatch: 185

C&J: 220

Clean: 240

DL: 365

Squat: 280


CF L-2 2018

USAW L-1 2014

CF KIDS 2014

CF L-1 2013

National D Soccer License 2010

About Coach

I grew up playing soccer, basketball and swam. I played for FC Green Bay(soccer) all through high school and then moved on to play soccer for Concordia University-Wisconsin. I played for a Premier Women's League after college which is also when I began coaching for a Premier Club Team out in Delaware. This is when my passion for coaching started to take off. Shortly after I was introduced to Crossfit, there was no turning back. There had always been the knowledge of what next, sports have never been my identity but instead, a way for me to challenge my capabilities. It has always been about how far I could push my mind into defeating the self-doubt inside. Crossfit was the next step that pushed me beyond what I have experienced in the past. I had a challenging childhood when my parents divorced and knew that I had to work through that as an adult. The workouts I went through really brought out who I really was based on how I dealt with the challenge of what I felt was necessary to successfully complete a workout. I didn't like how I was responding to those challenges and furthermore wanted to keep working on me. The only way I could do that was to keep putting myself in those depleting moments and practicing who I wanted to be and how I wanted to respond when times were tough, "aka" the workouts. It took many years of practice but through it I have come out on the other side and can look back and see that girl who didn't know how to deal with the struggle to now, still making mistakes but being in a position where I can quickly recognize those moments and use them as opportunities to grow on a daily basis. Since starting that journey I have gone on to compete in the Pro Division for 3 different years at the Granite Games in MN, 1 year Pro Division at The Fittest Games in Texas, and have qualified for other comps such as Wodapalooza but chose not to participate due to family priorities. In that time I also qualified with Backcountry Crossfit for the 2016 Crossfit Games and had to back out due to finding out we were pregnant. I took the next 2 years to build back up to that level to then qualify again for the 2018 Crossfit Games. All of these experiences have continued to help me expand my mental growth, values, priorities, and how much the mind can really accomplish. I have always believed that my value and self-worth do not come from the successes or failures of any sport but from God alone. I love to see other people let their walls down and not be afraid to fail because it does not define them, it only changes them. In order to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically we must be pruned, go through hard times, and experience failure. And to have the opportunity to walk with the people I coach down those paths is a very humbling experience.

Turning Point

There have been so many turning points in my journey as a daughter, sister, athlete, coach, wife, and now a mother. With each turning point, there is a deeper level of understanding and growth that continues to happen. People always ask if Crossfit ever gets easier, and we always say no. You just get fitter so with that each workout becomes more challenging because you're able to take yourself to the next level if you're willing to put that work in. I view life the same way. It never gets easier, we just continue to grow and gain new perspectives. As a coach and athlete, I love having the opportunity to help each person in the gym become the best version of themselves so they can also continue to grow. The effort that is put in at the gym overflows into our lives. And if I can make an impact in the gym, I know that there is some crossover to helping each person better their personal lives as well. The trick is to keep showing up, especially when it's difficult.

Motivation & Passion

I love the process of learning and applying. I like to pretend that I am a science experiment and if I follow the road map and put in the work, then it is just a matter of time until I see the results of where it takes me. We are all sowing seeds on a daily basis. As a coach, I want to help water those seeds appropriately so you can see the fruits of your labors. Seeing your growth is what excites me every day to come back and work on taking the next step forwards. I'm grateful to be a part of such a great community and to see the growth that continues to happen within each individual. It's a never-ending journey. And it's your choice to walk through those doors every day to take your challenges another step further.

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